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Donny and Molly Hakes have been buying and selling merchandise for over 20 years, starting on Ebay and Amazon in 1998.  Throughout the years, they have owned and operated numerous flea markets while continuing the Ebay business.  The Hakes’ also registered a company called Shelf Life Pantry, LLC.  The intent is that SLP will be a charitable foundation that will provide 25-year shelf life food to food pantries and ministries around the world; Once formed, it will be called “Ministry of Ministries” or MOM’s.  Donny’s passion is to help people less fortunate than he.  Knowing he would need start-up capital for SLP, after running the “Buy Sell Trade” outdoor flea market in Canon City, the couple decided they wanted to be indoors and moved to 202 East Main Street in Florence.  That building was on the corner, hence the name Florence Consignment Corner (FCC).  The couple soon outgrew the space there, and when the larger True Value became available, they moved there, just up the block from the old place.  With over 100 vendors and dealers within FCC, there is an amazing number of different items at affordable prices.  FCC is open 7 days a week from 10AM-6PM.